I've never seen a caged bird cry,

I've never heard it complain or pry.

Lifting hearts and minds and spirits too.

I've never seen it ask for relief, I've never heard it complain of grief.

It sings its song the whole day through,

Lifting clouds revealing skies of blue. 

The reason the bird never cries or complains,

Is because one day it will rise from flames.

Phoenix Birds lifts heats and aims,

Out of the hopelessness

Into the  Game.

-R.M. Abdu Ali

Phoenix Program

"A  Bridge Between You, The School, and The Community"

       The Phoenix Program is for students who are suspended for 45 days from their school of origin. These students are housed on the Northside of the building.
       The Phoenix students continue classes in Math, Science, English, Health/Physical Education, and Social Studies.
       There are also two areas of specialization offered to produce a well-rounded student. Career Tech classes prepare students for job readiness and the world of finance. The Self-contained component of the Phoenix program offers opportunities for students that are preparing to reintegrate into a regular schedule while continuing to offer them useful life skills.
       The Phoenix students have access to a full-time RN, a Guidance Counselor, and a full-time Alta-Point Therapist. Counselors from The Bride also come on a weekly basis to work with students on issues like depression, anxiety, and drugs. 
       The ultimate goal of the Pathway Phoenix Program is to return our students to their home schools with conduct that denotes Behavior and Academics reflecting our Phoenix Spirit.